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Why Men Don't Want to Dance

Males are not socialized into dance like females.

Young girls often learn ballet, gymnastics or cheer leading. They take lessons or learn from each other. Girls socialize by sharing dance steps & dancing together. It's socially acceptable for girls to dance together. By practicing, girls learn they can learn to dance. Our society also teaches girls that they can be silly or playful with dance without being judged as looking stupid.

    Not true for the guys!

Unless the guy is lucky enough to be taught by a parent or sister or have an ethnic background that exposes him to dance, he thinks he can't dance. Guys do not want to look stupid dancing & will not risk it.

Girls are more likely to risk embarrassment if they are having fun. Society judges men more harshly & men learn to judge themselves more harshly, as well. It is not that women are better dancers. It is true that they have a had a head-start & less fears.

Most men have some experience in sports, martial arts or music, all requiring a teacher, a coach & practice. I work as a coach & teacher by telling you how to do the step, then repeating it until it is habit.

Next, we practice the step & the timing, followed by practicing the step, the timing & the lead. Last, I add the style to make it look good on you! One part at a time.

Your golf pro would never ask you to practice your swing, stance, grip & timing all at the same time, right?

I have learned that there are two main motivations for men to learn to dance:
   1. To get a woman & 
   2. To make a woman happy
If I do my job right, your motivation will change because you will love it!

Because I believe if given the time I can make anyone a good dancer & you will love to dance, as well, your first lesson is FREE ~ Call (714) 993-0906 to schedule your lesson today!